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We laugh together and cry together. We do not leave any kids behind. Let’s move forward like we dance the waltz.

About Us

At Waltz, we support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder who need extra support.

Tailored to each individual needs, we provide group activities, cooking, crafts and individual work. We also help children to learn daily routines, and to include them in group activities. We support children, parents and others to accept and understand the strengths and weaknesses that each child has in order to become their own self who can maximize their strengths.

Our Support Activity

    Independent Work

    students are provided achievable individual tasks to gain confidence.

    Individualized Teaching

    In one on one learning environment, our staff conducts an assessment to set individual learning objectives and monitor progress. We support our children to be able to pay attention to instruction and to acquire a habit to be taught.

    Small Group Activities

    We set an environment for our children to learn to socialize, make friends and care for them, and to wait for their turns.

    Cooking and Craft

    These activities are carried either with small group or one on one with our staff. It is conducted with instruction and examples for children to look while working. In this activity time, children can demonstrate the skills they learn from Individual teaching time. It is also an opportunity for our staff to seek for more learning objectives for each individuals. At the end of the activity, children will share their feelings and opinions with others.

Our Advisors

At Waltz, we primarily use the TEACCH® Autism Program to maximize children’s strengths and skills. We have welcomed two well-known professors from Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare.

Associate Professor Toshiaki Suwa

Lecturer Koji Shigematsu




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